La Conner, Loriann and the Skagit Light

Loriann Signorelli and me in La Conner

There's something about the light in Skagit County. Over the past year or so I've paid close attention to the quality of light wherever I am and it seems different in Skagit County. I don't live far away - just to the north - but for some reason Skagit County seems bathed in a more golden atmosphere as if it sits under a dome of light. Whatcom County, where I live, is noticeably bluer and crisper.

This is me (on the left) with artist Loriann Signori. You can see her blog with her wonderful pastel and oil paintings here. She's in Skagit County this week at a workshop and we met up for a bite to eat and a lot of water in La Conner. It was a treat to spend time with her and get to know her a bit. I read her blog everyday: Loriann has been painting at dawn every day for three years now. That's a wonderful accomplishment and such a good artistic discipline.

I'd been in Edison for lunch and galleries with my friend Kristin. She had been up at dawn to paint on Whidbey Island and after our late afternoon dinner, I think she went out again.

Not me. It was my birthday and I was on my way home for mussels, salmon, breadfarm bread and a lovely glass of wine.


enjoyed my visit to your blog..I am doing a 365 Day Drawing Challenge for 2010, not a day missed so far, so your 1,000 resonated with me.