Albala Workshop Day 2 - Skagit Wheat Fields

Skagit Wheat. Oil on Linen Panel. 9x12.

This is the first painting I've completed in the workshop, of the view south towards poplar trees and a wheat field.

Here's my easel with my subject to my left.

And here's the view to the east and the North Cascades that I also wanted to paint! You can't see it in this poor, grainy photo but there's a peak in the notched valley just to the right of the middle. I'm certain I'll need to go back to this spot another time. It's stunning. We saw great views today!


Janelle Goodwin said…
It looks like perfect plein air scenery. What a wonderful place to paint. Lucky you!
Casey Klahn said…
Good composition - which means you balanced the poplars well. Great!

Wonder if that was Mt Pilchuck?
Lisa McShane said…
Hi Janelle - thanks! It's been gorgeous.

Casey - I'll find out, I was wondering too. I do love poplars and painted another patch today during our break.