Albala Workshop - Foggy Mornings

Mitch Albala demo in the fog on Thursday, Conway

Painters on the dike, in the thick Conway fog.
Tedd Chilles painting in the fog.
View of the field, Conway.
Fog in the Slough. 8 x 10. Oil on Twinrocker paper. Lisa McShane
Fog in the Slough. 6 x 8. Oil on Panel. Lisa McShane
It was foggy until afternoon from Wednesday through Friday. Friday was especially thick and magical. We painted at a small park in Conway, working on small paintings. The fog lifted quickly. One moment I looked down for more paint and when I looked up, I could see all the trees.


Casey Klahn said…
That's a breathtaking experience, isn't it? I hope you had your image figured out when the fog lifted.

Thanks for "taking us along" on your workshop, Lisa.