Three Figs

Three Figs. Oil on Linen Panel. 5" x 7".

This one is dark, and the difference between the blue and purple of the fig and the olive green of the background is subtle and hard to see on a computer monitor. But I do love this painting! Funny how we have favorites.

Part of it is that I love how figs look. What beautiful fruits! I live at the far north zone for growing a fig tree but I'm planting one next spring. I have the spot picked out. When an arctic blast is predicted, I'll have to cover it, but I'll happily do that to grow these gems.

This one is Black Mission, and they came to me from California. I picked out a little basket at the Food Coop, carefully selecting the one that had the most green on the figs. Painted them that day and by the next day, they had lost their luster. I'll bake them for dessert tonight.

Another reason I love this painting is that I love to paint on linen panels. I'm switching to all linen panels soon. These are by Art Board and have an oil primer. Fantastic. The olive green color is Turkey Umber by Williamsburg Paints. It has a gritty texture that is completely captivating.