Red Pears

Red Pears. Oil on Linen Board. 6 x 8.

The same two pears but in a different location. I'd set them on my laptop for a minute while I moved some books around and liked the dark quality of the blank computer screen behind them.

Last week I'd ordered the book Color Mixing for Artists and I've been playing with the different color ideas I found in there. The dark background, a color I love on the linen, is a mix of Viridian and Cadmium Red.


suzanneberry said…
Lisa, I love the graphic quality of your work!! Just beautiful. The figs are simply amazing! I'll definitely be following your blog!

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the challenge,they are very much appreciated! i'll be featuring all versions of the challenge on my blog each month. it'll be fun to see how each one of us interprets the subject. wow, i sounded confident!

thanks again. i love your work and am looking forward to more. enjoy the weekend. best, suzanne