Our studio wren

Late July my husband noticed a little wren each evening, just at dusk, next to my studio. It would hop onto the forsythia and yell a bit, then jump onto the wall by my light, then it would tuck itself under the eave. Just its tail poked out.

He tried to identify it and narrowed it down to a regular House Wren or a Bewick's Wren. If you have thoughts on this, be sure to share it with me!

The shot below is looking towards my studio from the garden. The Casa Blanca lillies were in full bloom and the sunflowers just gearing up. If I took the photo today it would be ALL sunflowers. They're making a serious attempt to take over the world. Or at least, this part of Bellingham.


Leslie Sealey said…
It looks like a Bewick's wren, especially if the underside is light-colored. What a nice visitor to have at your studio!