Study for After Pissarro: Yakima River, Prosser

Study for After Pisarro: Yakima River, Prosser. Oil on Canvasboard. 8 x 10. $150-

This is a small study for a somewhat larger painting.

There's a Pissarro painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that I love. I noticed it for the first time last February and it stopped me in my tracks. Wow! It's 'Jalais Hill, Pontoise (La Cote du Jalais a Pontoise)' from 1867. The size is 34 x 45.

For decades I've loved the view of the Yakima River driving west from Kennewick. This last time I drove by I was struck by how similar it was to the Pissarro painting.

You can see the Pissarro, plus a closeup of the luscious brushwork, just below my painting. When I'm at a museum I take lots of photos: a bigger one, one of the name/title, and if I love the painterly quality, I then take closeups of choice areas. My daughter laughs at me but hey - it's great to look at this later and oddly, art books just don't have these extreme zoom images of texture.