Diebenkorn, Park & Thiebaud in SF

We spent a day in San Francisco visiting the SFMOMA, eating mussels and tarte tatin at a French restaurant (Le Charm, lovely) and going to galleries. San Francisco has a nice, dense cluster of galleries just north of the Museum of Modern Art, including many in one building, and we had a great time stopping by to see.

Our last stop was the John Berggruen gallery. We walked up the stairs but the glass door leading to the gallery was closed. Fortunately a young man working there came, opened the door and said they were hanging a show but he guessed it would be all right if we looked around. Leaning against a wall nearby was a small Thiebaud painting. A recent one, dated 2009, of a box of chocolates. Heaven! Upstairs were 2 Diebenkorns (pictured above) a David Park painting and a Bischoff. More heaven!

They were busy figuring out the hanging details so all the pieces were leaning against walls. It was bliss to squat down in front of these and look carefully at each one.

This gallery stop was a highlight of our trip.