Plein Air Paint Out in Bellingham, Part Two

I was back out painting at the corner of C and Holly in Bellingham this morning. It was a busy day for folks who live outside in Bellingham, as the mission has a free lunch just up the street. Many of the people passing by recognized me from yesterday and stopped to check out today's painting.

Yesterday I was struck by the number of homeless people I chatted with while painting, including many young teens. I was surprised how many stopped to say hello, see what I was doing and talk about drawing and painting. A number of them said how much they used to like to draw. Last night, in talking over my day's painting adventures, my husband and son suggested I do a portrait of the homeless people in the park. It's a great idea and I'd like to do that. I asked one young man, Kin, if I could paint his portrait. He said he didn't think he could sit still for that long but that I could take his picture. That's him, above. He said everyone calls him God. And indeed, a group walked by while we were talking and said "Hey God."

So this morning I decided to zero in on the window from yesterday. This was snapped early in the day and the painting received (and still needs) more work. You can see my new painting essential on my easel: the can of repel. Those yellow jackets were out for blood!