Two Mangoes

Two Mangoes. Oil on Linen on Board. 6 x 8".

These are from a local store but mangoes always remind me of a road trip my husband, our daughter and I took more than 20 years ago.

We had an old diesel Volkswagen Rabbit and decided to drive to Chiapas from California. Yes, Chiapas, the far south of Mexico. Yes, that was crazy. Yes, my mother was worried. We made it as far as Puerto Angel along the Pacific Coast but had to turn east towards Oaxaca and Puebla because our car kept breaking down. Wonderful people rebuilt it at the Volkswagen factory in Puebla. We had many great adventures but back to mangoes -

We were driving south along the Pacific just north of Acapulco. We were the only car on the highway but lining the road for approximately 2 miles were people sitting with boxes of mangoes. All for sale. But no buyers. Miles of mangoes. It was a striking image and I think of that everytime I see a box of mangoes at the store. Finally - buyers.


Anne-Marie said…
Poignant story; so sad for the mango sellers (not so much for the buyers - there were probably deals to be had).
r garriott said…
Great story. Could've made a great series of paintings, too! But at least you've started with 'Two fro the Road". Nicely done!