The Road Home

North Cascades Highway 3. Oil on Canvas. 18" x 22". SOLD

There were a few times when I was growing up that my family took long drives home for the holidays. I remember one epic road trip from San Bernadino, California home to Kennewick, Washington. We stopped at a big store in eastern Oregon to buy gloves and hats because it was snowing.

My mom liked to sing and when we got near Kennewick she'd sing "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we'd go!" I loved it. Even today that's the theme song in my head when I'm getting ready for the long drive to Kennewick.

This painting is of the North Cascades Highway. It has it's own story, of the trips I took across the pass to Lake Pearygin, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it's time to pack the car.