Tomatoes and my studio

Dan's November Tomato Harvest

We live in the Pacific Northwest, on the coast just south of the Canadian border. Not a hot spot in the tomato growing world. To compensate for our general lack of heat units and sunshine, gardeners come up with creative ways to grow what we treasure most: tomatoes.

My husband has nailed it.

Last year I was working in Seattle and so in late September he pulled the tomato plants out of the ground and hung them upside down in my studio. It was a mess! But it worked.

This year he hung them under the deep eaves outside my big glass doors. For nearly two months I've had a shriveling green curtain with ripening tomatoes as my view. When my son told me about a remarkable sunset on Friday I told him I saw bits of it through the tomatoes!

But it's paid off: these were picked yesterday. Amazing!


Anne-Marie said…
That would make a great painting!