The Window in the Red Building

The Window in the Red Building. Oil on Canvas. 16" x 20".

This is the painting I started in August during Bellingham's Plein Air Paint Out. I finished it up in my studio this week.

Years ago I'd worked in the building across the alley selling kitchen cabinets. When times were slow I'd gaze out the window and look at the window. Whoever lived there had plants - really an entire garden - on the windowsill and fire escape and I loved the look of it. The green plants against the red brick with the white curtain. I never saw anyone there but it was well tended. I would sketch the building and think what a great painting it would make.

I worked on it for hours yesterday and then this morning Sharon Kingston, an exceptional local artist, came over and helped me out with a critique. I tightened things up in a couple of areas and it's done and ready for the show!

The show? November 6th, Blue Horse Gallery, downtown Bellingham, 6 p.m. See you there!