Painting Trip!

Similkameen. Oil on Canvas. 40" x 36."

I'm leaving today on a painting trip to the Similkameen River valley in northcentral Washington. There's a brief window of opportunity where the weather and my schedule are both clear so I leave this morning to drive across the North Cascades Highway, through Mazama, Okanogan and up towards Palmer Lake and the Similkameen River.

The painting above I finished a month or two ago. It's an aerial view of a remote and spectacular area in Washington State where Conservation Northwest and the State of Washington are working together to keep the existing ranches on the land. The alternative is second home development which harms the otherwise fantastic wildlife habitat.

I'm taking Sam, my dog, thinking that if she smells a bear or a cougar she'll alert me by hiding behind my legs. No web, no cell phone. It should be a quiet and wonderful 3 days away!