Whatcom Artists' Studio Tour

Photos top to bottom: Marisa Papetti, Kelly Hart and her son Matt with my pumpkins standing in nicely for me.

Tiny snail on Caroline Kinsman's grape. She almost ate it!

Aronia Berry ice cream from Mallard's out at Cloud Mountain Farm.

No painting today. Instead I went on a tour of artists' studios in Whatcom County. Marisa Papetti was kind enough to invite me along and at around 11 this morning Kelly Hart and her son Matt picked me up.

Marisa is the owner of fifth on sixth, a roving art gallery in Bellingham. Kelly is the Executive Director of Allied Arts. Matt is working hard at reaching the next level in a fun electronic lego game.

Our first stop was at Brian Kerkvliet's glass studio. Beautiful glass. My favorite were the goblets. Next we went to Tommy Gibson's photography studio. He has some great black and white photos taken near the Palouse, one of my favorite areas.

I especially loved what we saw at Brian O'Neill's clay studio. Marisa bought a vase that was stunning: a slightly rough charcoal gray exterior with an ochre interior. I love the way the light hits the ochre rim. Fabulous find! If it disappears from her living room, she'll know where to find it.

At that point we joined Caroline Kinsman on her Bellingham Whatcom Tourism Commission tour for travel writers and photographers from across the U.S. They asked for local artists to join them so Marisa and I hopped onboard the van and Kelly and Matt met us at the next three stops: Applewood Farm Studios, Vernon Leibrant's turned wood bowl studio, and Cloud Mountain Farm. These three stops were spread out along Cabrant Road at the base of Sumas Mountain. There was fierce wind blowing from the Frazier Valley in Canada and it was cold but a beautiful, clear day.

The bottom photo is of Mallard's Ice Cream. They make ice creams out of the unusual fruits grown at Cloud Mountain Farm. This is Aronia berry ice cream with Cornelia Berry ice cream at the top left. Both were incredible.


Anonymous said…
I really had an outstanding time on Saturday. I am sorry that my Husband was not able to make it. I hope to take him with me this weekend. We will see.

I sit in my living room and stare at my little vase that I bought from Brian. I have had to add a home security system to make sure Lisa is not scoping out the house.

Please attend Whatcom Artist Studio Tour. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.
Caroline said…
I agree - what a fantastic way to spend a weekend! Again and again I am surprised and awed by the talent in our region. Thank you for joining our media tour, Marisa and Lisa; you both were a colorful addition. And the snail was delicious. -Caroline