Update on Studio Tour!!!

Beautiful New Frames from Mountains Edge Frames - www.mountainsedgeframes.com!

Whoa! Stop the presses! My gorgeous new frames from Mountains Edge Frames arrived today. I tore into the box, framed my paintings and hung them on the wall.

It's the top image - these are my three latest paintings. I can't wait for people to see these.


kat said…
very enticing come on and juicy paintings on the wall. how can a person resist?
loriann said…
Your new frames look great. Would you say a little about your choices? I have rarely chosen black frames but am being swayed. Yours look great!
Lisa McShane said…
Hi Loriann,
Happy to! The one on the lower left is a wonderful style with black paint over red, so it's a warm black/dark brown color. It works really well with my landscapes. The black with the gold lip I love with my water paintings as it picks up any highlight in the water.

Then the walnut - those are my new favorites. It's just oiled walnut with a lot of character. Gorgeous frames, handmade to my order.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Kat - stop by!
David said…
Hi Lisa, Great to see you, your work and studio Sunday. Thanks for posting the gatorboard/linen instruction, link to frames and other great stuff.
David Ridgway said…
Lisa, Forgot to ask about your favorite source for gatorboard. (?)
Lisa McShane said…
Hi David -
So glad you stopped by the studio! I get my gatorboard from www.foamboardsource.com.