Sentinel Gap + Art in the Embassies

Sentinel Gap. ©2010 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 24" x 36".
This is Sentinel Gap, a break in the Saddle Mountains where the Columbia River punched it's way through during an ice age flood. The power of water.

I got an email last week that was such fun: the Art in the Embassies program would like one or two of my paintings for the Yemen Embassy.

The new Ambassador was recently assigned and the curator at the State Department is putting together an exhibit of paintings that will be in Yemen for the Ambassador's Tour of Duty. I'm thrilled to be part of this and love that people in another part of the world will see my landscapes. They pull art from museums, galleries and artists for these unique exhibits to share American art with the world and I'm honored to participate.

I'm not sure what landscapes will be heading to Yemen but the curator was interested in Sentinel Gap. I have several larger paintings of western landscapes in progress and nearly completed in my studio right now so we'll wait a couple of weeks before deciding. I'll definitely let you know which painting(s) make the big trip!


Sentinel Gap-Nicely done!
Kim said…
Congrats Lisa! It must be really exciting to be part of international cultural exchange.