Raining and Pouring Paintings

River of Gold. ©2010 Lisa McShane. 12" x 20". Oil on Linen Panel.
I've been working on about 10 paintings for more than a month now, painting, glazing, scumbling, day after day. Yesterday 5 of them were complete.

When it rains it pours.

This one was started in August after seeing the Skagit River turn to liquid gold as the sun set behind it. You can see another version, Summer Night, Skagit River, here.

This is a painting that I often talked with studio visitors about during the recent studio tour. It's striking and people were drawn to it but there was something about it that was missing for me. This past week I made the darks darker, glazed the bottom of the river in a red/orange/purple, and added sunlight in a few more places. Now it works.


loriann said…
Beautiful! I guess that's redundant...
but deserved!
Ann Chaikin said…
This is just exquisite! I think it's my favorite of your paintings so far.
kat said…
love this painting, it has a lot going on and invites your eye farther in.
Agata said…
I absolutely love these! The light is so real, makes me want to touch the water..I can almost smell the air..