Horse Heaven Hills at Sunset

Dan and Sam the dog setting up our picnic
View of Rattlesnake Mountain and Red Mountain from the top of the Horse Heaven Hills

We spent a few days over in Walla Walla and Kennewick this last week and the weather was stunning. Friday night we drove up as far as our car could safely go on McBee Road in the Horse Heaven Hills for a sunset picnic. We then walked up to the top. 

Fortunately a breeze picked up because a gazillion little winged ants had just hatched out and completely covered us with each step! It was looking like one of those romantic ideas gone wrong.

But up at the top it was lovely. You can see the view to the north of Rattlesnake Mountain to the left and Red Mountain to the right. Behind us the high plateau of the Horse Heaven Hills sloped to the Columbia River. To the west, we could see Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. We had wine, cheese, bread, Sam rolled around and covered herself with dirt and sticks and the sunset was lovely. 

The Horse Heaven Hills is an area I've painted this year and will focus more on this winter. Last spring I painted two paintings of McBee Road in the fog: Road Into Fog in the Horse Heaven Hills and Horse Heaven Fog

I've also painted the view towards Rattlesnake and Red Mountains from below: Dusk Falls on Rattlesnake and Red and Red Mountain at Dusk


Anne-Marie said…
Beautiful - lovely shots that will turn into even more lovely paintings, I'm sure =)