Special show pricing for Babes & Byways!

This Friday, 6pm to 10pm, fifthonsixth is producing a 2 person show called Babes & Byways. I'm excited to let you know that we've decided on special pricing for this one night only show! All of my wonderful 5x7" and 6x6" paintings will be offered for $100 for a framed painting. Yes, framed. Each are individually framed to highlight the image. That means this one and this one and even this one. The 6" x 8" paintings - like this gem - will be priced at $120 each. We've had a lot of interest and expect these to go quickly.

Here's shot of my living room mantel w/ all the pieces from my Windowsill: Fruits series lined up, ready to go:
Figs! Cherries! Pomegranates! Pears! All dressed up and ready for their show. See you there!


Casey Klahn said…
Congratulations on your show and best wishes.
Anne-Marie said…
That's a lot of fruit! I can't wait to see it all hanging up.