Kristin's New Paintings

Kristin Mullen & '3 Figs' on her eggplant colored wall.
Kristin Mullen hanging 'North Cascades Highway 3' in her dining room.

Wednesday was a fun day. First, the weather was cold, clear with perfect light. I headed over to Anacortes to drop off 2 paintings for my friend Kristin Mullen. She has one of my favorite homes ever - a midcentury modern rambler, on the hill above Anacortes. From her wide windows you can see the Straits of Juan de Fuca, Mt. Baker and Blanchard Mountain. Oh, and all of Anacortes and probably the Canadian Coast range too.

The paintings are perfect in her home and she bought 2 of my favorites: 'North Cascades Highway 3', which she'll hang at the end of a long hallway and '3 Figs', hanging on an eggplant colored wall. Wow! A perfect combination of color.

We spent the afternoon on Whidbey Island, over by Coupeville and Ebey's Prairie, doing what we are so exceptionally good at: driving around, looking at houses & taking photos.