Babes & Byways on Making a Mark!

Summer Road. Oil on Canvas. 30" x 40". 2009 Lisa McShane.

Katherine Tyrrell is an artist and author in England who draws and writes about art and artists for art lovers. Katherine hosts one of the 'go-to' blogs for the art world. In my online research, I found hers to be the most comprehensive source for artists on the web. I was thrilled yesterday when Katherine posted information about my upcoming show on her blog, Making a Mark!

Recently a friend asked me if I have favorites among my paintings or if I love them all equally. I do have favorites. Clouds and Fields, which I posted yesterday, is one and this, Summer Road, is another. I was framing this yesterday, in preparation for the big show, Babes & Byways, and thinking about how much I've enjoyed this painting. I find it to be expansive and peaceful.

Meanwhile I'm also busy painting my next set of favorites in my studio! I'm working on several paintings along the lines of North Cascades Highway.