Art Marketing Links

Wonderful websites for marketing your art
Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Blog - the go-to site for artists!'s articles for artists - these in-depth articles are fantastic
Small Biz Guide to Search Marketing: The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist - on having a professional portfolio
Art Heroes Radio - I subscribe to this on iTunes.
ArtistCareerGuide - great resource! I especially love Jackie Battenfield's Reality Check Interviews. - a good and thoughtful resource for artists
The Artful Manager, on the business and culture of art, can be found here
Andy Wibbels' Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

Super Great Blog Posts on Marketing
Kirsty Hall on 8 Excuses Artists Make for not Having a Website
My post on Art Websites
My post on Art Inventory Systems: Here's what I've tried
Seth Godin on the value of social media marketing
SmallBizBee's useful article for small businesses on SEO
SmallBizzBee on Twitter

Strategic Planning for Artists
Jackie Battenfield's Reality Check Interview with Colleen Keegan on strategic planning
Sample Business Plans on

Template Websites that work for artists
These range from $14 a month to $36 a month and allow you to add new images easily, frequently, and on your own. You should be able to do a free trial of all the ones I've listed and that's a great way to see if it works for you. (I use this, check mine out here) (around $14/mo - looks promising)

Discipline and Routine
NYTimes article on Chris Ofili's daily routine

Cool Ideas
Kickstarter: how to fund your next great idea