Arizona Skies + I'm the Featured Artist on Artwork Archive!

Arizona Skies. 2015. Oil on Linen Panel. 20" x 30". SOLD.
This is the first painting finished following my Art Residency at Petrified Forest National Park. This was the first one I started while there and it was painted at my great outdoor studio on the patio at the Painted Desert Inn. The light was exceptional. The sand and grass in the paint film is a testament to the history of the place and my time there. Since it took more than a week to finish, visitors were puzzled that the place I was painting wasn't the place I was looking at. But the sky was.

And great news: the painting sold today.

More great news: I was honored to be the Featured Artist on Artwork Archive's site. You can click here to see. Although, I'm it for a week and if you miss that window it'll be another artist. Also good.

I really value my connection with Artwork Archive. This is the site - after lots of experimenting - that I use to catalog and store my painting info. I've written about them before, for instance here. In the past few years they've developed from a simple artwork inventory program into a valuable resource for artists. If you haven't looked into what they have to offer, you should.