Ridges of Eastern Washington

Road from Jump Off Joe. ©2014, Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 18" x 36"
I'm delivering a commissioned painting today. It's of a road through wheat fields on a ridge in Eastern Washington.

It's funny to me to be painting this road - this is where a large group of us went sledding in high school. I think we were supposed to be in class but there was snow.

This is also where my husband used to run with his friends in high school, high above Kennewick with great views in every direction. He's got a great blog on geology here. Artists - you don't even want to know how many readers he has (yes, people love geology!)

Click here for information on hiking in the area. The post I like to describes the ridge as "one of only 18 peaks total in Washington state to be isolated from a taller mountain by a radius of 25 miles of more." It's not that it's tall, it's just on its own out there.