Winter in Northwest Washington

Blanchard in the Clouds. ©2011 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen Panel. 15" x 15".
As the new year comes to a close the drizzle coats my skylights and I'm focused on finishing paintings of winter in the Northwest.

This is what I often see to the west when I head home - the sun slipping under the clouds just beyond Blanchard Mountain, with the oyster gray clouds piling up overhead. Blanchard Mountain was an area I worked to protect for a number of years and it holds great meaning to me.


Anne-Marie said…
Beautiful - and looks just like a typical PNW winter day =) We live in a beautiful place don't we?
Sarah S said…
I really like this painting, I like the low horizon and feeling of the clouds. I am really enjoying your blog too!
Jala Pfaff said…
Marvelous. Love this and the single cloud in the recent post.