More from the Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum has a really interesting contemporary exhibit and then European art on their main floor. We went up to the second floor where there was more interesting (and some ordinary) modern art and folk art. My son checked out the basement and reported that there was nothing to see there. Since I hadn't seen any 19th century American art in the museum I asked him if there was anything that I would like downstairs. "Maybe..."

In addition to the Inness there was this by Frederic Church. I really like the composition and color of this one.
A Passing Shower. Frederic Edwin Church. 1860. Oil on canvas.

But one of my favorite pieces in the museum was on the main floor. I went back 3 times to look again:

Madonna and Child. Nardo di Cione. ca. 1350. Tempera and gold leaf on panel.
Gorgeous saturated colors, lovely skin, all in remarkable condition. It takes my breath away.