Red Mountain Altar

Red Mountain Altar. ©2010 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen Panel. 9" x 12"

Another view of above.
Red Mountain and Rattlesnake Mountain along the Yakima River in eastern Washington is one of my favorite subjects and I especially like it in this wonderful altarpiece frame from Mountains Edge Frames in Texas.

I created this special piece for the December show at Smith & Vallee Gallery, opening tomorrow in Edison, Washington - objectifications 3. 


Caroline said…
I recognise that frame! your painting looks really beautiful in the frame what a perfect choice for it. I have been admiring your recent works it is nice to see the River Triptych finished it looks simply stunning you must be delighted at the finished result. The small works in your last posting are lovely too it is interesting to see how much detail you can put in within such a small canvas size. A very beautiful collection of works Lisa.
Leslie Sealey said…
Wow-these frames look great!