River Triptych

River Triptych. Oil on Linen Panels. 9" x 21".
This is a small triptych I painted for a holiday show at the Roby King Galleries. The opening of the show is this Friday so if you're in the Bainbridge/Seattle area - head on over!

What's that you ask? Where did I get that beautiful frame? It's made to order by Mountain Edge Frames, click here for their website.  They make amazing frames. I have another one I love even more that I'll share with you later this week.


Janelle Goodwin said…
You've inspired me to try the triptych, Lisa. Yours is so beautiful. What is the size of each panel, please?
DennisCrayon said…
The triptych is beautiful. I love the proportions and the framing.
whoa, I like the Triptych! Looks great in the frame
Casey Klahn said…
Super! You put a lot into this, and it works just right.

I admire that. Beautiful work(s).
Deborah Paris said…
Thanks for the mention, McLisa!

Painting looks great!
Sonya Johnson said…
What a great painting set! I've always liked landscape diptych and triptychs, and this is a perfect example of why.

The framing really complements the painting; I can see why you like the frame company so much.
Lisa McShane said…
Wow - thanks all! I confess to a bit of anxiety about this painting. Painting a triptych was challenging as I wanted to make sure each panel could stand alone as an image. I knew the frame would be eye catching and hoped the panels would be even more so.

Janelle - the side panels are 9" high x 6" wide and the middle one is 9" x 9". Steve can make them any size of course and I'd like to do one a little larger. This was designed for a holiday show and needed to be small.