Quiet Valley & Show Next Friday

Quiet Valley. ©2010 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 12 x 20.
This is just framed and ready for the show Lay of the Land, at Allied Arts in Bellingham this Friday. The opening party is 6 - 10.

This painting is of an area above the Snake River canyon in southeast Washington and it's a lonely, melancholy area but a place of sweeping beauty. There are beautiful abandoned houses and historic barns falling into ruin. Side valleys leading to the Snake reminded me of the valleys in Donegal in northwest Ireland.

It's a dryland wheat area but it's unusual - they don't plow the fallow fields. I'm used to seeing a patchwork of brown and gold, fallow fields and this year's crop. But high above the Snake the fallow fields aren't plowed and are silver in the sun. It's a patchwork of silver and gold.