Slough. 9x12. Oil on Linen Panel.

Last Friday I went out painting with Karen Epperson, who I met in the workshop I took in July. We had a lot of fun painting from one of the docks in La Conner.

The downside of painting on a dock? Things can slip through the slats to the slough below. As I immediately discovered, the helpful gray plastic viewfinder for plein air painting fits between the boards.

Since we were next to downtown La Conner our easels added to the ambience but it did remind me of this hilarious tshirt,  'Critic Be Gone.


Casey Klahn said…
We should make our own t-shirt, only more snarky.

"Yes, Rembrandt really was the best painter ever."

"You should have stopped at 'I don't know anything about art, but...' "

Lisa McShane said…
"Really? You used to paint? How interesting."

"It looks nothing like the view? You don't say!"


Casey - it was when I was in art school and my husband a geologist, that I realized I was doomed to a lifetime of hearing how people's aunts paint poodles. At the same time, my husband would get off scott-free since no-one has geology stories!
Dan McShane said…
My artistic tendencies got shot down early with "the people look like sausages". I admire artists that can move past the critics and do what they love.