Some is not a number, soon is not a time

Some is not a number, soon is not a time. That's a line from political campaigns, where work is tracked hourly/daily/weekly so you make sure you reach all the voters you need to talk to.

I like to track things. Love spreadsheets & databases. This is a shot of my storage attic in my studio. I just finished gessoing a pile of canvas that I'd stretched in May. Last week I received a shipment of gessoboards and small canvases.

On hand:
57 canvases and gessoboards ready to go

This year:
68 paintings painted
plus 11 that are in progress
and another 4 that shall never see the light of day

Just like in my previous work, I like to track my progress with things I can measure. What's in my studio attic - that's something I can measure. How my work is progressing? That's a little more subjective.