Jude and the Apricots

Jude and the Apricots. Oil on Canvas. 10 x 8. $150-

This is a Jude the Obscure Rose, one of the David Austin English roses. Couple of great things about this one: it blooms mid-July when many roses are resting or done, and it has an incredible fragrance. Fruit, vanilla, with a bit of classic rose - lovely and strong but not overly sweet. It's a globular shape, deep gold stamens inside, and this enchanting apricot color.

Pictured here with the same apricots from the previous painting. They're a little riper and thus redder.

The rose is in a Twin Brooks Dairy cream bottle. We're just around the corner from Nelson's Market in Bellingham and they carry Twin Brooks milk from a Whatcom County dairy. I love walking to the store to get local milk in a glass bottle. Better quality, smaller carbon footprint - all good.