South Fork Skagit, 2018. Oil on Linen. 30" x 48"

Studio talk: I've spent some time lately trying to figure out how to do a better job photographing paintings in my studio. I expect this is a puzzle that plagues other artists too. So I googled and found a lot of advice, then followed some good advice.

Here's a few tips on Artwork Archive's blog.

Here's the great advice from artist Marc Dalessio that I followed with a few changes. I ordered lights on Amazon (about $75), but haven't ordered the polarizing sheets for them. Instead I place the lights on the same plane as the painting. I already used Lightroom to edit photos and so I ordered the x-rite i1 + the color checker. That seems to really help a lot. I've been using my Olympus OMD-EM5 with the magical Panasonic 25mm lens. I had a cheap tripod that I bought years ago at Costco. My next upgrade will be to a full frame camera (Nikon D750) and a short telephoto prime lens for more detail.