'Padilla, looking west at dusk', 2017, Oil on Linen, 6" x 20"

'Winter morning, east towards Allen', 2017, Oil on Linen, 6" x 15"
Such gratitude to all for a great show at Smith and Vallee Gallery. I'm especially thankful to have my work represented by a brilliant curator and staff and so I created these small paintings as gifts.

A year ago I moved into my new (LARGE) studio surrounded by forest and water and have watched the changing season with interest. Especially the change in light. Just a few months ago I spent my late afternoons in the bitter cold surrounded by duck hunters' trucks watching dusk deepen across Padilla Bay. Now the sun sets in a completely different place and until summer arrives, I don't have a great vantage point for it.

But dawn is always right out my bedroom window.