Val d'Orcia Storm. Oil on Linen Panel. 24" x 24".
This spring I met my daughter in Italy for a couple of weeks. It was stormy and beautiful. I thought it was a perfect time of year to be there and watch the skies, drink wine and eat robust, winter foods.

I don't normally paint images of my travels as I like to paint places I know well and that seem to be part of me. But I was already focused on painting storms and this is just one more.


Hi Lisa, that is a very dramatic sky! I was looking at cloud shapes again as there were some very strange shapes some going off at angles and didn't look quite real at all. I was thinking that if I was to paint them as I saw them then no one would believe the clouds actually looked like that! I am enjoying visiting your blog, your paintings are incredibly beautiful.
Liz Marshall said…
Hi Lisa, What wonderful paintings and such an inspirational blog! I've been ramping up my painting skills doing large series as well and totally applaud your advice to do 100 or more of a subject. Your blog is a real inspiration for me, thank you! Thanks! Liz