'Summer Field'. ©2012 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 16x20".
Some paintings come together quickly and some take a great deal of time, week after week. Then others can sit for months or longer on a shelf in the studio gathering dust, challenging me to figure out their issues.

'Summer Field' is one of the latter challenges. I believe I started this nearly a year ago. And then my vision for it faded. But I've always watched fields go by out the side window of the car. I find them compelling and I wanted to capture that quick glance. A few months ago, rather than start a new painting, I picked this back up and sanded it down, built up new layers, sanded them down. I like the texture and I'm satisfied with the colors and the sky.

I finished 4 paintings last weekend, and this is one of my favorites. I just dropped it off for a show called 'In the Field' at the Lucia Douglas Gallery in Bellingham. The show opens June 7th with the reception June 16th, 6:30.