River Bend + Show Announcement

"River Bend", ©2011 Lisa McShane, Oil on Linen, 20" x 30"
I've got a show coming up in two weeks so I've been hard at work finishing paintings.

This is a bend in the Columbia River and is one of several river paintings that I've been working on in preparation for a larger series. I'm practicing. I've also been experimenting with more texture and have added an impasto medium from Natural Pigments to my palette.

The show:
September 24th & 25th
at Bookwalter Winery
for their annual Catch the Crush celebration

I'm looking forward to it!


Casey Klahn said…
Very nice, Lisa! It really represents the Columbia we know and love.
Lisa McShane said…
Thank you Casey! I hope to start the series next Spring (despite the near total lack of space in my studio!)
loriann signori said…
Beautiful soulful landscape. Best wishes with your show!