Workshop in Texas

I just finished an 8 day workshop in Clarksville, Texas with artist Deborah Paris. It was my second Texas workshop with Deborah and in some ways, even better than last year's.

Writing up a workshop is a challenge. First, there's simply no time while you're in the thick of things. You paint all day, enjoy your meals with the other artists and then some of us paint again until bedtime. I had good intentions of taking time to write, reflect and take long walks. That didn't happen. I painted a lot. At this workshop, when I had a spare moment I looked through Deborah's collection of art books. She's got a great library. So I'll take this piece by piece and start by setting the stage.

Here we are: the 2011 Texas Workshop group with Deborah Paris. The only person missing is Deborah's husband Steve Whalen. He is a remarkable cook, kept us all well fed and - bonus - is fun to hang out with.

Left to right: Deborah Paris, Phoebe Chidress, me, Sara Lubinski, Rae Eklund and Bea Lancton.

The workshop is at Deborah's home and studio in Clarksville Texas. It's a rural place just east of Paris Texas and not far from Oklahoma. It's a beautiful place: very gently rolling land with beautiful trees. The restaurants aren't good and it's a dry county but as you can see from the photo below, red wine from Bookwalter Winery fits in well and Steve's a great cook. Moments after this photo, we dove into a big pot of jambalaya.

Steve also has a wonderful garden and pictured below is artist Sara Lubinski with some of his lettuces, grown just for us.

How rural is it? Here's the neighbors:

These are the neighbor's cows silhouetted at dusk. Usually they keep their distance but Friday night Sara and I lured them to the fence to take a closer look. This is them thinking about how close they might come. They came very close but it took awhile. Notice the remarkable light and trees.

Coming soon: paint mixing, print making and a trip to Fort Worth.